Pixel Game 3D: A Very Interesting Game To Try

We all have different hobbies which we enjoy at our leisure time. Some people go for an outdoor sport, some prefer indoor games, and some like to watch movies and some play games on their mobile or laptop. With the advancement of generation, the latter is more common these days amongst many youngsters.

There are several companies which develop game applications for a mobile phone. Some get success and some become absolute flop. In this article, we are going to discuss on one of such popular game known as Pixel Gun 3D.

What is Pixel Gun 3D?

As indicated earlier, it is a mobile game application which with shooting genre. Here you will find a wide range of weapons, challenging quests, and diverse game modes. The game is available on all the platforms like android, Apple, and Windows phone.  It is developed by RiliSoft Company and is absolutely free of cost.


The Game Play

In this game, a swarm of wandering zombies has attacked the farm of the main character. Your job is to get rid of the zombies and save the farm. You need to help the main character to get back his farm by finishing all zombies.

Key features of the game

Every game is different in some aspect. Pixel Gun 3D also have some key features which makes it different from others. Some of such features are as follows:

  • There are wide range of weapons and armor available for you. You have the option of using both gunfights and close fights.
  • This a multiplayer game and you can play with your friends in a group as a partner or even as an opponent.
  • The graphics and sound effects in the game are simply marvelous. They are one of the best.
  • There is also an option for chatting. You could chat with your friends or partner or opponent at any point of time during the game.

Coins and gems factor

In this game, it is very necessary for you to keep upgrading your armory and weapons in order to tackle different challenges and foes. For this you need sufficient coins and gems at any instance. You have the option to earn it, purchase it or even hack it. Yes, you need to search on Google appropriate link to get limitless coins and gems. Directly or indirectly by following this method you hack for pixel gun, but this is nothing much to fear about. The best method is obviously is to earn them.


How to install Pixel Gun 3D

As mentioned earlier, it is available in Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store, free of cost. If you wish you could also download it manually via the links mentioned in the social network page, like the facebook page of the game.


There is no doubt that this particular game application is very popular and liked by many. The reviews and rating on various platforms tells the whole story. On a final note, the only words left to say is that you must give it a try.

Video Marketing-The New Age Marketing Tool

First up, let’s understand what is Video Marketing? It simply means products or service providers trying to reach out to their customers through videos. They could be spreading awareness about their product or service or giving useful information to the customers with clever integration of their product in the video. Now, one might argue what is wrong with the good old print ads, hoardings etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them and companies still rely on those methods, but given the popularity of the video sharing websites like youtube and the inexpensive nature of this medium, why not use it? We, since our childhood, are used to watching TV and hence conditioned to videos. If a picture says a thousand words, a video makes you retain a 1000 more. Nowadays, with shorter attention spans, people prefer short, crisp, useful videos over long posts or articles which describe to them what a product does. Videos are attractive, and are more likely to gain mind space the catchier they are. Now that we have established why marketing through videos works, let us look at some ways on how to make it work.


  • Video recording: While big brands would use the services of professionals and invest in high quality equipment, the amateurs need not do that. You can make a decent enough video with the help of your iPhone or a basic hand-held camera or camcorder. Just remember to ensure that your voice is clear in whatever equipment you use, or you would have to take care of it while editing. Remember to look directly into the camera and speak clearly.
  • Editing: This includes ensuring the audio is right, adding the links to your website, add titles, separators and subtitles as per your video’s needs. You can use a basic Windows Movie maker or iMovie for your editing needs.
  • Additional software: If you need to add graphics, or show some slides, the best software to do that is Power point as it lets you turn your slides into a video slideshow.
  • Remember to avoid using any content which could lead to copyright issues. This includes famous background scores, images or graphics from google which might be someone else’s property. There are websites and platform which supply copyright less content, please source your raw material from these websites.

Now that your video is ready, identify platforms through which you want to distribute the content. Some of the popular video sharing websites are youtube, dailymotion, etc. Once you have uploaded your content across these platforms, you need to work on promoting it so that substantial traffic is generated towards it. After all, what is the use of creating videos if no one watches them right?

You can use some or all of the following tips to ensure your videos get views:

  • Title, Tags and Thumbnails have to be relevant, catchy and descriptive. The search function on youtube works based on keywords and you have to ensure you have the common keywords related to your video in the title while keeping it catchy, crisp and unique. The thumbnails have to be of the optimal size, and the description should say something like Click here to view details of our product.


  • Social Media promotion: If you have a brand/product page, be sure to post it there on FB/twitter/instagram or whatever social media site you’re present on. You can also share your page’s post via your personal account and urge your friends to do the same. Also, get the people in your close network to rate your videos higher as that improves their ranking in search results.
  • Aggregator forums: Send in your videos to Stumble upon, Reddit etc to ensure they reach a wider audience. This would also lead to your videos being listed on search engines.

If you have a subscriber base (e-mailing list), you can also send across your videos to these people and urge them to share the same with their network.

Remember, at the end of the day, content is the king. If your video is original, informative, has some humour (depending on the topic), and interesting, it is likely to be viewed as long as you’ve done your basic ground work as we suggested above.

Happy marketing!

Neko Atsume Cheats Iphone Users Can Engage


The current trend in the Games industry has shifted from RPGs to Anroid and iOS. This is more exciting when we consider the advancements in technology and how this has brought more fun with each games design. In view of the subject at hand, the Neko atsume cheats iphone users can employ is in various categories. However, in order to set us in the right direction, I would state the two major heads that should be of interest to us. These are the Hack tools and the Cheat codes. Each of these heads has a list of items that would be of interest to any Neko atsume player. Generally, neko atsume is a game that centers on the collection of Cats, their gifts and other unique features that make this product sublime.

images (1)
Beyond the fact that most of the Neko atsume cheats can easily be sourced online; it is made free for any interested party. The only concern is to ensure you do not infiltrate your system with viruses. There is a current pattern of finding out what is in vogue and following through to have a seamless experience in this game. One of this offerings is the fifteen percent deals that was recently uploaded into the game. You do not have to pay the full price to get good food for the Cats anymore. However, it is ideal to mention that there is an ongoing debate if this feature would last for a long time. Most of the users of the game are of the opinion that it is ideal to enjoy this offer while it lasts. You cannot go wrong by saving your money to buy more exquisite food which attracts the rare cats in the game.

Furthermore, after a thorough research on each segment of the game; it is technically possible to have a maximum of 24 Cats in one setting while playing the game. This can be achieved when you have extra spacing and can provide enough cushions for the Cats. Also, the food space can be broadened if you do a good yard extension. The first yard extension that you do in this game comes at a very reduced price. It is important to make this most of this incentive as it will go a long way to determine your experience in the game. Another point in this game is the fact that you can change the Japanese language settings to English. This helps you to have a good hold on each level of the game. Every option that is laid out in this game is user-friendly and you can easily navigate each stage without stress.

It would be incomplete to state that the neko atsume cheats iphone users can employ are limited. This is because the more experience every user has with playing the field, the better results you can achieve. The neko atsume cheats iphone users can engage can easily be sourced online and this makes you reach new horizons in ghe game without sweat.

Showbox App For All Your Entertainment Needs


Providing entertainment is easily the most important function of smartphones after communication. While most other entertainment gadgets such as TVs, car radios, home theatre systems etc. are too bulky and restricted to a particular location, a mobile phone or a tablet is always within easy reach in your pocket. This ease of access and portability makes smartphones the perfect medium for entertainment. No matter where you are – at home, at work, in car or at a restaurant – smartphones are always at hand. Using smartphones for entertainment is also a lifesaver during long journeys and commutes. Long flights as well as long commutes to work, college or school in subway or bus become easier and enjoyable with a smartphone offering you constant entertainment on demand.


Using high speed mobile Internet further enhances the entertainment functionality of your smartphone as Internet connectivity allow you to access millions of hours of music, movies and TV shows on your phone through either streaming the content in real-time or by downloading the files to your device. Watching a movie or a TV show on the smartphone has now become a highly pleasurable activity due to the increasingly high display quality of mobile screens and the availability of high quality noise cancelling headphones that allow you to immerse completely in a movie or TV show without any distraction.

Streaming Music, TV Shows And Movies:
If you wish to watch movies or TV shows or listen to music on your smartphone or tablet, then streaming is perhaps the easiest way to do it. Streaming a movie, TV show or music track allows you to begin watching a video file – or listen to a music track -immediately and without waiting for the huge file to download on your device. This not only saves precious time, but it also gives you the flexibility of choosing another movie, TV show or music track if the one that you are watching or listening does not seem interesting enough.

However, a big downside of streaming entertainment content is that you cannot access the video or music track when you are offline as streaming requires constant connectivity. While a number of streaming services are available on the Internet, these services do not allow you to download or save the streaming video file or music track on your phone. Also, the streaming sites that offer movies and TV shows are extremely expensive for an average user.

Stream and Download for free with ShowBox app:
ShowBox is a handy free app for Android devices that lets you stream and download the latest movies, TV show episodes and even music tracks (in its latest version) for free on your smartphone or tablet. ShowBox Download is available only through the app’s official site in the form of an APK file as Showbox is not available on Google Play.


Once you have finished ShowBox download, you can simply install it by opening the file and choosing the ‘Install’ option. The app has an intuitive and attractive interface that also allows you to explore and access thousands of movies and TV shows by genre, year of release etc. Showbox also comes with many advanced features such as Chromecast support that make it an excellent entertainment solution at home too as by using Chromecast, you can watch the latest movies and TV shows downloaded through ShowBox on your big TV screen.

Unmatched ease of use and free streaming/download access to a huge variety of entertainment content makes ShowBox a must-have app for every smartphone user.

Show Box – Enjoy your Favorite Movies and TV Shows whenever you Want


What can be a better way to enjoy your weekend than spending time in front of the television watching your favorite TV show, or may be a latest released flick. As per studies, this is one of the coolest ways to retire at the end of a tiresome day or a week and for most people, this is a subtle praise, a self-earned gift for their hard work. But things are not so favorable always! The choice of TV shows in families is unanimous most of the times so your pick can be easily sidelined. It is in case of movies as well.

So what should you do when you want your entertainment, your way, without any waiting? Well, download Show Box, the Android app which once downloaded can help you watch films and shows without paying any money. No wonder, this app is popular now and has become the most preferred choice of ten million people.

Initially this may sound somewhat strange to you, but it isn’t. The app ShowBox comprises an inbuilt library which has some 10000 movies. You can use its search option to find movies of your choice and add them as your favorites. This way, it frees you from searching your movies on different online platforms and just get every show and movie at a single place.

To get ShowBox, you don’t have to go through any complex proceedings or lengthy registration process. You directly get it on your Android mobile device and can start using it from the next moment of getting downloaded. Using the options provided, you can even reschedule your viewing for a later time. So even you are compelled to leave your best TV show in the middle or to interrupt watching a movie, ShowBox stores your downloaded movies and helps you find them later in a few clicks.