Moviestarplanet: Game Features

A lot of the popular social media apps we use on a regular basis, such as facebook, twitter, and instagram are often cluttered with posts which a lot of kids should most definitely not be seeing. If you are a parent, and have curious children, apart from allowing them to use these sites with close monitoring and supervision, another alternative which doesn’t really require much of this is letting them access a social media site especially tailored for teens and tweens. Moviestarplanet is one of these apps, and you may click here on the google play and the app store if you would want to download it. The game itself is free to play, while some items and levels might require you to pay. If you’re curious as to why moviestarplanet is the perfect app to get for your kids and tweens, then here is how this game is played:

Kids Become Movie Stars


Kids enter this social media platform through avatars, or movie stars, which they are free to customize and change according to their preference. They then get to involve themselves in a virtual world where they get to interact with other kids of “movie stars”.

Interaction Methods are Diverse

Apart from controlling in the first person point of view, the great thing about this social media platform is that it has a lot of ways to interact with others, so that the kids who are on moviestarplanet would not get bored. Apart from the typical chatting and meeting new friends, kids could engage in a wide variety of games, be able to share their own animated short film creations, dress up and change outfits with other players, and of course, shop in the mall. Also, kids get to play the game for StarCoins, which accumulate and is their way of measuring virtual Fame. This particular aim opens up whole new worlds and options for game play, and thus is effective at keeping kids glued to their gadgets and well entertained. Kids are also given the opportunity to chat with other kids in chat rooms, give out email, and star in other friend’s animated films.


This is Free

The freemium model is the one which is widely available for players. This is the one which is downloaded onto phones. There are also paid options of the game, where the players could pay an affordable price, either for a weekly, monthly, or even an annual subscription to access a wide range of levels and possibilities in moviestar planet.


Social Media usage of children is one particular aspect of the growth and development of the child which one has to take great care of. This is because there are several means in which this usage is used and abused by others. Moreover, children are both vulnerable and gullible, thus you have to take good notice of what they see online. This particular app relieves parents of the stress that comes with constantly monitoring their kids, and is thus a great app not just for the kids but for parents as well.

Its Time To Play Stardoll: With Hack Gaming Experience Turns Breath Taking

Those who love playing doll house for them stardoll is one unique game to play on for hours. While playing the game you will be free to customize your doll at any time. Stardoll is world’s finest most extraordinary online dress up and fashion game meant for girls, but boys are not disallowed. Girls who love fashion and styling this is the game which will enhance their creative skill. They can shop, decorate and create newer style statement. Making friends is also allowed, members here will be able to make their own stardoll avatar. Those who are into playing this game can decorate their suite and enhance their creative skill.

They can socialize with each other as well. The avatar created will be look like you, there are 60 million variations to choose from. There is Starplaza where clothes can be purchased, clothes of latest fashion is always available. You will be able to express your style, you will be at liberty to try something new always. Creating dream home will be at your fingertip, you will be having thousands of items to choose from when it comes to decorating home. You may invite your friends through the game or social networking site to visit your home. This game is all about showing off your style, you can chat and create your own club. Here member belonging to varying parts of the world may chat and become friends. With stardollars you can buy anything you want. You may design and show your style.


Why need hacks

While playing the game you will be requiring lots of star dollars. Star dollars will be helping you purchase items. Today you will come across varying stardoll cheats software which you can download and have unlimited stardollars. It may sound unreal as how it is possible to win lots of star dollars so easily. Well, the whole process may seem to be easy and explainable but in reality, creating cheats and releasing star dollars is not that easy. If you are wondering whether you will be into any trouble or not well, certainly you wont be facing any trouble and your device whether mobile or PC will be safe for sure. Right cheat site keep on buying private proxies so that identity can be kept aloof. By means of private server information is processed. So no log no information would be kept. Complete security is maintained so that the Stardoll Server wont be detecting anything.


What the gamer has to do

While availing these cheats and hacks the gamer needs not to pay anything except for completing a simple survey. With that short survey the gamer will be having free full life time star dollar generating tool, all one needs to click few buttons and you will be able to become a superstar overnight. The team of developers leave no stone unturned in making the hack software completely bug free so that you will get hassle free service all through. Gamers right before installing the software should make sure the software is compatible and genuine enough to meet needs.

How An Emotional Support Animal Letter Can Help?

For most people a dog is not just a pet, they consider these pooches as part of their family and while others find it tough to digest, these pets too connect with their owners on levels that it beyond explanation. Pets often connect to people who have physical disabilities, sicknesses, emotional problems or depression on a deeper level since they somehow manage to feel the pain their owner is going through. If you know any such person who is deeply connected with their pet, it is a good idea to get them an emotional support animal letter. This letter helps them to travel and move around with their pet no matter where they want.  760591

People with physical disabilities often find it tough to leave their home without their pet because they feel secure with their pet around. Not allowing a pet in a restaurant, or a hotel or a bus could mean depriving the owner of visiting or traveling. However, with an emotional support animal letter you can now take your pet with you no matter where you go. The letter states that it is not advisable to separate the pet from the owner.

Getting the letter is fairly easy. All you need to do is visit the website and provide your details. Once you provide your details and fill up the form, an expert will evaluate the situation and issue the letter based on the condition of the owner and the connection with the pet. These letters are usually issued on the same day.

An emotional support animal letter is one of the best ways of ensuring your peace of mind at all times. There will be days when you need your dog more than anyone else. However if you are deprived of the company of your dog especially on those days life will become frustrating and difficult. If you want to keep your dog with you at all times irrespective of where you are then only an emotional support animal letter can help you. The emotional support animal letter does not allow anyone to legally stop your dog from entering anywhere. This includes the airlines as well. Dogs are known to be enthusiastic and happy animals. They do nothing but spread love and happiness.esa_tag

When you keep your dog with you all the time there is every chance that your mental health will stabilize sooner and you will become healthy once again. People with dogs are said to heal quicker than people without dogs. It is also a known fact that a dog encourages exercise. When you have a dog you will be forced to take your dog for a walk multiple times a day. Although initially this may seem like a task it will eventually become a healthy habit and this will benefit your health as well. Dogs are also known to sense danger before humans. Having a dog around at all times will ensure that you stay out of danger as much as possible.

All You Need To Know About Highest Thc Seeds

Are you trying hard to cultivate your own marijuana plants? Would you like to gather some important details about highest THC seeds? Well if you have been dealing with these tricky queries, for sure you are present at the right place to gather best possible details. In order to start with, you must be aware of cultivating marijuana plants with perfection is not as easy as it seems to be. You need to have detailed knowledge about different strains and compare it properly. On many occasions, people simply don’t have basic knowledge about strains and seeds and not able to attain the desired marijuana plants. In order to achieve the incredible plant, it is highly required indeed to make use of the best high THC seeds.

Just a word of caution for the individuals who want to grow marijuana plants, the THC content mentioned by most of the seed sellers is not appropriate. These seed sellers do try to cheat out the customers with wrong highest THC content. In order to make the right call and to find the best seed seller online, you must check out different sources and go for the reviews. It would be foolish to use a seed seller services without collecting enough information. Achieving a high THC content is only possible when proper care of the plant is taken during growth. Appropriate cultivation methods should be followed which will further ensure seeds with high THC level. There are many other requirements of the plant in order to get the great THC content. You need to make some special efforts in order to provide adequate nutrients and take care of other factors like a light. When you do the best job, it will further ensure a healthy growth of the plant.


Basic Knowledge About THC

THC is also known has Tetrahydrocannabinol. This particular ingredient is mostly found in cannabis and the chemical is capable enough to give you a sense of being high. Definitely, the compound is addictive in nature and treated as a drug in most countries. There are some countries that have banned the growth of cannabis but still the ingredient is used in many medications to treat severe health problems like cancer and HIV.

Marijuana has now been treated as a plant with many vital medical properties. According to FDA, the use of marijuana for medical purpose is bit hard as it is very difficult to test the active ingredients for usefulness and safety. It is mainly due to the huge variations in the active ingredients in plants which really makes it impossible to define the right dosage level.


Even after so many limitations, high THC seeds are in huge demand and widely used for medical purposes. If you still have certain doubts regarding the seeds, better is to go through the quality online sources and gain some vital inside details. Just don’t buy the seeds if you don’t have enough information as it can lead you to some trouble.

Insure Your Gadgets And Save Money

People spend a lot of money on gadgets these days and while you don’t realize it, you end up traveling with laptops and Smartphones which are worth a lot of money on a daily basis. In order to safeguard the investment you made on these gadgets, it is essential to consider the best gadget insurance UK has to offer. There are various reasons why gadget insurance is a smart thing to opt in for and if you do not have insurance on your gadgets, here is why you need to consider getting one today.

When you travel with your gadgets on a regular basis, you are always at risk of a theft or loss of the gadget. It is tough to ensure your gadgets are safe especially in crowded places and tracking it is not always easy. If you lose a gadget without insurance on it, you end up losing all the money you spent on it. However, if you have insurance on the gadget that you lost, you can get the money back for the lost gadget and this will not burn a hole in your pocket. comparegadgetinsurance

People often insure their homes, cars and valuables. Gadgets too are very valuable in terms of the price as well as the information stored on it. While you can always keep a backup of the data stored on it, you can’t really get back the money you spent unless you have insurance on it.  Always make sure you check for the various insurance options available for the gadget before you

Gadgets make our lives easier in a number of ways. It is always beneficial to insure the gadgets that we use for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is anything can go wrong with any of the gadgets at any time putting our schedule and lives into jeopardy. One of the things that can happen is damage to any of the gadgets due to water. This kind of damage can happen anywhere and anytime. It is not necessary that you drop your smartphone in a swimming pool or you are stuck in a flood. You could simply drop a glass of water on your laptop while drinking and that could be the end of all your personal data.

Another problem with water hazards is that there are not a lot of technicians that would even touch the gadget after the damage. When you have insurance on your gadgets such problems would not occur. Technicians would be forced to repair your gadgets and recover all your precious personal data from your gadget. While insurance may not seem like a priority for your gadgets imagine riding a bike without a helmet. A gadget without insurance is pretty much like that. It will function perfectly fine and once something happens to it, it just becomes paperweight on your desk at home or office. To avoid such situations and such waste of money invest in insurance for your gadgets.

What Is Weed?

Weed is a pretty controversial and popular topic. Though it is completely illegal, it is very easy. Most people who use it, talk highly of it benefits. People say that for recreational uses it’s way better than alcohol as it mellows you down and you will never get caught or get into a fight smoking weed. It is one of the plants mentioned in the holy scriptures of Hinduism smoked by one of their Gods, Shiva. You will still find many pandits everywhere in India smoking weed and talking about the spiritual half of life and how weed takes them close to God. Weed is known as a lot of things like it’s more general term which is marijuana and then herb, Mary Jane, green stuff and a lot of other things but the question is that why is weed still banned if it’s better than alcohol and has health benefits?


Let’s first discuss what is weed. Weed or marijuana is the dried off buds of the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant that is used as a source of weed are cannabis sativa and the cannabis indica. Cannabis originates from the Indian subcontinent and parts of Asia. The indica type has more amount of THC while the sativa has lesser amount. The cannabis plant is also a source of hash and charas and is also used to make bhang. Bhang is the Indian drink that intoxicates and gives you a way stronger high. Weed can be taken in many forms. It can be rolled into the form of a cigarette called a joint or can be even smoked through a vaporizer or a bong which are healthier as they filter the ash away from the weed. It can also be consumed through food by putting it in delicacies like brownies and cake. When you buy weed you generally get 1/8th ounce packets and you must me wondering how many grams in an eighth of an ounce? Well a eighth of ounce has around 3.5 grams of weed.


So what kind of high does weed give you? It has been referred to as a psychoactive drug by the U.N. and it gives a high which makes you more thoughtful, you think more about the spiritual being rather than the materialistic being and brings out the artistic nature. The use of marijuana is legal in a couple of countries and certain states in America like Washington have also legalized it for recreational use. Due to the effects marijuana is used extensively by artists and musicians and not much by office goers as most companies have had it banned for their employees.

How To Spy On Wife Using Mobile Applications

Is your wife distancing herself from you? Do you notice any behavioral changes in her or general disinterest? Then it is completely plausible to think that there’s a significant ‘another’ in your wife’s life. As relationships get more complicated, partners turn unfaithful, spies on spouses has become the need of the hour; but before you jump the gun you must be cent percent sure of your wife’s crime so that you don’t disrupt the balance of your perfect life. However, if you hear the warning bells ringing then there’s nothing stopping you from availing the finest ‘spy on wife’ services on the planet there is.

There are many ways in which you catch your cheating wife. The following paragraphs will elucidate on how to accomplish that.

  • Catching your wife on the phone

As we all know, Smartphone has become an integral part of everybody’s daily lives. Therefore, we can assume the mystery man will be occupying a chunk of your wife’s Smartphone activity. You may have to break all trust for this and check all your wife’s personal chats for this one. When your wife’s not looking, check her messages (sent messages give more insight than received ones), her friends might give advice on her fling, and keep an eye out for aliases. Be sure to check her e-mail, you get specialized remote spy software that makes a copy of all of her e-mail conversations and sends it over to your e-mail address.


Also, check if your wife is hiding an additional phone to get in touch with her beau but fears detection. Looking under mattresses and such is a place to start.

  • Using other tools

Spy gadgets are not the stuff of a James Bond movie anymore; there are hordes of gadgets available on the market that blend so easily with the surroundings. You could purchase hidden cameras to catch all of your wife’s dirty secrets on tape. These cameras are so discreet that even you won’t be able to spot it so easily. They come in many shapes and sizes and even as table lamps, wall clocks etc. A cheap GPS tracker should do the trick as well. You can plant this GPS tracker in your wife’s car and can stay updated with her location at all times. The next time your wife says “Honey, I’m held up at work” you can say “How’s Hotel ‘Welcome’ treating you?”


The aforementioned techniques can be used if you are not sure about your partner’s affair and don’t suspect them fully. However, if you still have lingering feelings of doubt you can hire a spy on the wife to put your mind to rest. There are many sites dedicated to providing discreet spying on your wife’s phone. You get complete access to your wife’s messages, call logs and what not. You can know her location in real-time and track her down easily. You can even send “spy calls” to her phone to enable the phone’s microphone that will allow you to make a recording of her in the act. This is especially useful when she’s not where she claims to be.

Finding out the truth about your partner’s affair is a heart-wrenching experience but is essential since you have built your whole life around that person. If the truth is not to your liking, you must certainly confront your partner and openly talk about your relationship so that you don’t have any feelings of regret in the future.

All About Minecraft And Its Servers

Computer games are just some of the things which never seem to fade in terms of popularity. While games come and go, and people get bored of it at times, there hardly ever will be a time where no game which is played on a computer would ever be popular. One of the things which make games popular is the fact that it could be used as a form of recreation together with friends. Minecraft Server List are found all over the internet, and this is simply because servers are the tools which enable you to do so. The great thing about these computer games is their versatility. Well, if you don’t like to play with your friends, you can play alone. Moreover, you wouldn’t even have to go from place to place, as you could play in the comfort of your own homes!

Servers do the trick. If you belong to a squad, or a group of friends, the you would most likely want to belong to the same server as well. If you don’t know anyone near your place, then it’s best to subscribe or enter a server with a lot of users from within your place or hometown. Given how free-themed Minecraft could be, some servers also specialize themselves to certain game plays, which simply means that through other servers, you could also play on a specialized motif or theme as well. Below is a list of the top 5 internet servers, based on user’s opinions and reviews. This list has been compiled by


GotPvP Network

This is the first on list is the GotPvP Network, which is just some of the few comprehensive sites around. They are a hub server which is capable of giving users a wide variety of choices in terms of the type of game play they wish to play. As of writing, they offer the following themes: KitPvP, Creative, Sky Block, Factions, Survival Mode, Sky Wars, Prison, and many others.


Second of the 7 most popular servers for Minecraft is Mineplex. They claim to be the biggest server in the whole world, and offer as much as 40 different games. Since their community is large, along with the number of their working staff, and friendly owners newbies would not have any trouble looking for help when they need it in playing, making every gamer’s experience a truly fun and memorable one.



Up next on this list is the Mineheroes Server Network, which is composed of a variety of Factions, including SkyBlock, OPFactions Prison, Custom Minigames, SkyWars, Hunger Games,Cannon/Cannoning server, No lag UHC, optimized cannons and mechanics for redstone, a 24/7 uptime, quality staff, and a back-up system available hourly.


This site features both new and popular classic game modes. These modes include Factions, SurvivalGames/HungerGames, Factions, SkyWars, SkyBlock, AcidIsland, Creative, EggWars, RPG.


HavocMC – Home of ‘The Mining Dead’

Making it to 5th spot on this list is the server which is specially dedicated to AMC’s The Walking Dead-themed games. Through this, you could fight against melees and walkers, and gang up with other players, wherever they may be. There are as much as 30 unique kits to choose from, and you could also enter the game through the 5,000 by 5,000 map as well. This game gives you the feels of having a zombie apocalypse!

Car Leasing Mistakes To Avoid

The main reason why consumers love the idea of car leasing is because they can get to drive a new model of car even if they cannot afford to own such type of vehicle. By renting it, they can get to drive the car for a few days as if it is their own. However, there are a lot of factors that has to be considered when taking advantage of car leasing. Here are a few car leasing mistakes that a consumer should avoid.


  1. Signing the contract without reading the fine print.

Whenever you agree to a particulier leasen, there are terms and conditions involved that you need to know of before signing the contract from the car leasing provider. This is arguably the most common mistake that consumer makes when it comes to car leasing. This biggest problem to this is that a lot of them get surprised of their final bill upon returning the car due to fees or penalties that they are not aware of. If they only read the terms and conditions carefully then this could have been avoided and they should have ended up paying the initial quote given to them.


  1. Prepaying is not advisable.

Most leasing companies require consumers to pay a few months in advance in order to assure that you are renting the minimum requirement when leasing. This should not be a problem unless the car gets stolen or gets wrecked during the first few months. The leasing company got their back covered by insurance but the consumer would not be able to get his or her advance payments as a part of the clause. This becomes a big disadvantage for consumers that is why it is smarter to avoid prepaying conditions if you intend to lease a car.


Why Tinder App Is Above The Rest

When it comes to dating apps , Tinder beats the rest and stands out from the crowd due to the various exciting features included in the app.Online dating is one of the best options for both older and younger singletons and especially if you are using an app which is user-friendly. This is because, our modern society makes it hard for one to meet a wide range of people who might be potential partners, but with the right app, this becomes possible.

Why to Be Choosy on Dating Apps

Online dating can be a disappointment, especially if you approach it using the wrong app. If you get the right app like Tinder, rest assured that you are going to be successful within no time and even the wedding bells will ring before you know it. What does Tinder app encourages people;


  • When you are dating on Tinder, never get discouraged

Let us compare dating with house hunting; if you were out looking for a house, do you expect to find the perfect house on the first knock you make? You might be forced to inspect several houses before getting your dream house. Some of them will be worthless, but that won’t deter you from searching for the house. You will continue until you get the right one. This is the same with dating on Tinder, you don’t give up on your mission of finding the perfect date just because the fewer you have come across are not what you were looking for. Set up your mind from the beginning that you are going to be persistent on Tinder until you get your dream partner.


  • Choose Tinder App

The choice of a dating site matters a lot. Differentiate between chat rooms and dating sites. Chat rooms are for sharing discussions of common interest with other people. Don’t you ever use chat room people for romance as it might just disappoint greatly? Get a dating site which is well recognized like Tinder and you will be successful in your search for a partner. There are several free sites which offer dating services and most of them are full of jokers. On a free site, people tend to use fake names and addresses and you might fall prey to a con. Get on Tinder Premium and the rest will be history.

Get your dream partner using Tinder App.