Marina One Residence, the Condo where you would want to live if you are living in Singapore

Singapore is the place where dreams now get fulfilled and where you can only see high rise buildings. If you have ever visited Singapore or checked any picture of Singapore you can find that the place is filled with skyscrapers. As the population is increasing in Singapore, the need for more and more residential places is increasing. The present population of Singapore is more than 5 million and therefore each day new complexes are built.astrology-vedic-astrology-astro-astrology-consultation-astrology-analysis-astrology-service-astrology-importance-vedic-astrology-importance-pundit-junction-leo The residential areas we are talking about here are known as Condominium or Condo. These places are not very different for simple apartments and complexes since you cannot notice any difference on the outside. The only difference is legal as in you can buy an apartment in a complex but here to have a place in a Condo you have to have the tenure. These are projects which have buildings with all modern facilities and attached parks. The tenures are brought by one particular company and sometimes with a group of few people.  Here the person who owns tenure doesn’t only own a single apartment but also the nearby lawns and hallways. Sometimes when a company owns the tenure of a certain percentage of the places, then the living areas could be distributed amongst people who shall be allowed to live and the common areas can be used by all. The only way to won a place there is by having tenure usually which stays for 99 years. The usual apartment complexes are not much different from the Condominium just in the legal ways as one cannot just buy a place in the Condo with money. Condos are a helpful and better even if it is partly owned by a company. USA and western states had upcoming Condos since a long time and now it has spread to East as you may notice its growth in Singapore. The condo when built certain things are kept in mind that usually it is built at a place which is already populated and mostly within the city or very well connected to the city.investingpiggybank

Facilities in a Condo

From the malls to the parks, everything will be at your hand here. There shall be at least one large expressway that shall connect you to the rest of the Singapore. The gym, the swimming pool, the swimming club, the clubhouses, the banquet halls for occasions, the park and the groceries are some of the common facilities that you can avail if you live here. This condo is the best place for anyone who works in this area. The schools are connected and even you can find good colleges nearby. The MRT Station and the bus interchanges are available too. If you have your own vehicle then just by driving down a few minutes you can find anything that you need. From the shopping malls to the cinema halls even entertainment locations are nearby. You can have a settled well-led life in Marina One Residences.

What is special about the Marine One Residences?

Along 21, 23 Marine Way in Singapore, this residence is built which is considered as an icon of luxurious living in Asia. The leasehold here is of 99 years. The total area covered in Marina One Residences in 282017 square foot approximately. The living accommodations are luxurious where a single bedroom flat covers an area of 657 to 750 sqft; the two bedrooms flat covers an area of 930 to 1130 sqft. You can even have your own personal terrace and the penthouses cover the area of 7000 to 8000 sqft approximately. This place is an entire world in itself. The whole project completion will be done within 2018. You should also be aware of the fact that Marine One Residences bagged 3 awards; one for ‘Best Mix Used Architecture’, ‘Best High Rise Architecture’ and ‘Best Mix Used Development’ and the Prestigious Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2012. The project is made alongside the famous Marine Bay and near the Singapore Flyover. The other important places are Marine Bay sands and the Esplanade theatre and Gardens by the Bay. The amenities like the pool, the Jacuzzi, the Teppanyaki terraces, the wine room and playgrounds for children make your living worthy here. This place is the best for business and entertainment other than residing here. If you book previously you can even get a lease at a discounted amount.

How is this Condo above all other Residential places?

The place is highly decorated and well maintained. With the provision of 24-hour tight security, this place is a safe and sound area for living. The primary Garden in this Complex is about 65000 sqft. This garden is spread throughout the complex and in named ‘Green Heart’. This public garden so well made and arranged that it is known as ‘New York of Asia’. Another beautiful thing that everyone can enjoy here is the ribbon waterfall of 13m which is the tallest in Asia. Each tower has 34 floors which includes flats of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and attached terraces and balconies and penthouses. The skyline of the tower is a wonderful and very significant feature of the complex. Being located near the Marina Bay and the CBD district, this place is availed by many companies and businessmen. The terraces that help one of enjoying barbeque or the zones where you can snooze and relax make the living pleasant. There are at least 3 MRT stations with at least 6 MRT lines. The place is even well connected to the Shenton way station and downtown station through a whole underground way. The layouts for the one, two, three or four bedrooms flats are such well-designed that you shall never notice a better-utilised space in any other complex anywhere. The project is made by the two famous houses Khazanah and Temasek when they formed an alliance and collaborated to create the Marina One Residences.

What You Need To Know About Dental Implants

Considering getting a dental implant? Then you will need to know a few things before getting one. It’s not an easy task to do, nor is it the most difficult to be knowledgeable about either. It’s important to know about these types of services so you are sure that you’ll be getting them, and to find a dentist that is perfectly suitable in doing the job of giving you the perfect set of white teeth you’ve wanted for so long. So here is what you need to know about dental implants!

Who Needs Dental Implants?

There are many people who may consider getting dental implants. Usually, these are the people who have lost one, multiple, or even all of their teeth from fights, accidents, or other reasons. They can even be done on teenagers whose jaws have stopped growing due to puberty. You can check if you need or are eligible for a dental implant after a checkup with your dentist.

How Much Are Dental Implants?

No cost is the same when it comes to dental implants, as it all depends on the issue of the patient. Depending on how many teeth are missing or the condition of your teeth, it may be affordable, while some may be a bit expensive. An examination and assessment is needed beforehand in order to produce the right quotation. You may even find discount dental implants in London by asking recommendations from loved ones, or through a quick search online. But either way, dental implants are a cost-effective investment you should consider getting, as they will come out to be cheaper than most procedures in the long run.dental_implants2

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many benefits you would be able to get out of dental implants, such as:

  1. You will be able to smile naturally and feel like you have all your set of teeth back.
  2. You get to eat whatever you want without worry. No need to feel pain from ice cream or chewing your favorite dishes.
  3. You will have a strong set of teeth that will last for a very long time without it being damaged.
  4. It’s a long-term solution that won’t need multiple follow up checkups, meaning it’s more cost-effective than other procedures or treatments.
  5. You’ll feel and look confident with your natural teeth back. No need to worry about maintenance or

In Conclusion

Having dental implants is a great choice for those who are missing a few teeth. It’s best to search up on effective dental implant experts who will be able to do the job effectively and with ease. You can search for discount dental implants in London and be able to find a lot of dentists who are specialized in the field and are able to give you the quality service you and your teeth need. Feel confident with dental implants today!

Turkish Pestemal – Traditional Towel

Colorful and so authentic Pestemal also known as Peshtemal is a Turkish towel made of Turkish cotton known for its quick drying ability and it prevents mildew. Pestemal made up of bamboo tree which has antibacterial qualities, good permeability, good absorption and reversibility.

Pestemal Turkish towel shows the deep significance of the traditional approach and culture of the people of turkey. It has been there since ottoman times where Pestemal or Hammam towels used while taking bath in public Turkish bath. It was not so attractive during those times but today it became the first choice of the people in terms of quality and design.

There is variety of designed and colorful Turkish towels. Pestemal Turkish towel made up of pure Turkish cotton. The manufacturers in the turkey made this Turkish towel with Turkish cotton because of the so many benefits it has. There are several benefits of using Pestemal Turkish towel.

lulujo baby turkish towels giveaway Cornflake Dreams

As Turkish towel is of light cotton, it is easy to carry. You could use your Pestemal as a beach blanket, decorative throws, as a scarf and as a compact travel towels. If you want to use it as a picnic blanket or as a scarf and you are afraid that it will be so awkward using Pestemal outside so it doesn’t matters anymore, designed and attractive Pestemal are available in the market. You could buy Pestemal Turkish towels online in different shopping sites. Pestemal is the traditional product and is still able to keep up its authenticity even though it has undergone lots of changes in terms of style, design and quality.

Why it is so popular?

It is so popular today because of its versatility. There are some qualities of the Pestemal which is unique as compared to other towels. It is very light weight so it becomes easy to wash. It dries very fast as it push water off from your body skin. It has very delicate textile so it could be used in all the seasons and it has antibacterial properties.

Apart from using it as a towel it could be used for variety of purpose such as table-cloth, pareo, sofa cover, wrap, etc. You can carry them wherever you want to and use it in pools, spas, while travelling or in beaches. It is hand loomed with high quality of Turkish cotton to bring out these advantages in the Pestemal Turkish towel. It is very easy to pack so it could also be taken wherever you want.

You should always keep one Pestemal in your bag as it is very light and could be made in a compact form. As compared to other towels, its antibacterial qualities make it unique and different. If you use towel according to the seasons than try Pestemal which is perfect for all the seasons and will give you soothing effect.

The Pestemal Turkish towels are available online in a range of price. Vintage stripe Pestemal and throw in $49, Aztec towel & throw and stone washed towel in $54, 100% cotton Pestemal Turkish towel in $22.9, you will get different colors of Pestemal Turkish towels along with the features and the details about the product. You can read the customer reviews about the peshtemal towel.


Pestemal Turkish towel has carried the traditions of turkey. Firstly, Pestemal was only restricted to the turkey. But gradually it is spreading its charm worldwide. Many manufacturing industries are in this business. Today selling Pestemal towel has become one of the successful business occupations. You will come across wide variety of availability of stylish and good quality of Pestemal around the world. They wanted to make this traditional Turkish towel more reliable and useful to the customers. There is no reason that you won’t like the peshtemal as it now became more attractive and really beneficial.

If you love taking bath than the best product in the world to dry yourself is the Pestemal or Peshtemal Turkish towel. Pestemal Turkish towel is different from other towels it has all the qualities you need – Fast drying, stylish, good absorbent and could be used wherever you want to. It is also available online at the reasonable price. You will love this towel as you will have a unique bath experience.

Preparing the Buddhist Funeral

If you are preparing a funeral for yourself or a loved one, then it may be time to prepare where you would like to spend your eternal days. You may have a few wishes as to how you want to go or where you would like to be laid to rest. The Mandai Columbarium is one of the places where you may want to consider, because of its beauty. It has got a garden area and is secluded for people to mourn in peace. It is serene and quiet, perfect for those who want to be laid to rest in beauty and peace.aid118846-728px-Become-a-Buddhist-Step-12

Creating a Funeral Plan

When it comes to creating a funeral plan, there must be a few things to consider. Many Singaporeans opt to have the traditional Buddhist funeral to pay respect to their ancestors and to follow their family tradition and culture. But the question is: How will you be able to prepare the traditional funeral? Here is what you need to know about a Buddhist Funeral and how you’ll be able to prepare for it.

What Is The Traditional Buddhist Funeral?

Before death occurs, the dying one is made to reflect on his good deeds in order to move on peacefully, where he is made comfortable before he passes. Once it happens, the body will be cleaned and he will be dressed in everyday clothes, nothing fancy. The memorial will then be done at a monastery or family home, where the whole room is peaceful. It is similar to the traditional and Western funeral, where flowers and eulogies by different loved ones are given. But, there will be chanting made during the wake, where loved ones and monks chant for eternal peace to be laid onto the body of the dead.buddhism

Basically, a Buddhist funeral is where they cleanse the sould of the dead as a way for him to reach Nirvana even after death. Embalming, organ donation, or cremation is allowed, as long as it was wished upon by loved ones or the dead before he passes. Buddhists believe that there will be reincarnation after, which is why before the funeral, they make sure that the dying is comforted and kept free of desires and other notions, until he reaches Nirvana before death.

In Conclusion

You will be able to know more about the traditional Buddhist funeral through loved ones or online, where you are directed to numerous informative articles that can help you plan a funeral. Whether you are planning your own fineral or for a loved one, it’s best to adhere to their wishes. You’ll be able to effectively plan a Buddhist funeral through good planning before the death, in order to make sure everything is well-prepared and ready for the next step. It’s best to find a state of nirvana before leaving the Earth, in order for reincarnation to come beautifully, and to know that you have left Earth with nothing but good thoughts.

Question Are About Air Fryer

What it means for air frying?

It is like frying your stuff without oil. This can be so healthy for those who shouldn’t take oil. This can decrease your cholesterol quantity in your body. The benefits with these air fryers are more. It really helps those people who are worried about hurting themselves while cooking a traditional pan. There is chance of hurting themselves like burning. The main benefit of the air fryer is that its cooling system, as it produces superheated air to cook the food for which the temperature reaches to about 390 degrees. So for this problem, the companies of air fryers use a cooling system that automatically cools the machine after the process of food is completed. It provides you better food with low fat stuff. This machine will definitely try to less your stress and work.

What is the history of air fryers? Where does it come from?

This concept of air fryers were launched in Europe and Australia in 2010. And then it followed to Japan and North America. And now, most of the kitchens are equipped with these kitchen appliances. The Japanese people used this air fryer for making fried prawns. The people in Netherlands and UK use this stuff for making chips. American people prepare chicken wings in their kitchen with the use of this appliance and Indians use them for serving their plates with samosa.


How does the cooling system in air fryers works?

Everyone worries about the super heated air generated to cook the food. No doubt, it is the perfect questionnaire for every air fryer user. But you shouldn’t be worried about that any more when you know about the cooling system in air fryers. Different brands have their special cooling system. A fan is mounted on a rotor axis that can help the machine to control the internal temperature. The fan is included inside to check whether the air present inside the chamber is healthy and clean. The cooling system of this air fryer works by sending the fresh air through the filter and then it settles underneath the mesh bucket. This process will help the internal parts of the air fryers to cool after the work is done.

Using aluminum foil is not a problem in an air fryer

Aluminum foil is wrapped for some food items such that it can protect from other bad air in the environment or the dust particles attracting the food especially when you are outside, you have to use this aluminum foil to increase the healthy way of eating in the dusty environment. Most of the recipes use this aluminum foil to cook the food in different way which is not a traditional way. Likewise, one can use aluminum foil inside the air fryer before cooking but do remember to give enough space to pass the air through to cook the food.

Preheating is not needed.

For machines like ovens, some preheat is needed to improve the time gap of cooking the food. This will help you to save time. But unlike the ovens, air fryers don’t need to preheat before cooking your food. However, preheat for 4 minutes can help you to save time on cooking food. This preheating is not compulsory, so one can do this for reducing their cooking time.


What types of foods can be prepared using this air fryer?

One can cook variety of food by using different air fryers. This not only helps you to cook the best variety of food, but also healthy one too which are free from oil. Though we use a little bit of oil as a coating to the ingredients but we don’t use the oil like we generally use for cooking food. A variety of food items can be prepared like poultry, French fries, potatoes and meat. The items with these ingredients can be easily cooked. Not only these varieties, one can bake brownies in it and can grill different types of vegetables. You can add ingredients in between the process of cooking, but you need to note not to take more time add them because there is a chance of heat loss from the previously added ingredients and further it takes more time to cook.

Search For, In White Pages

If you are aware of the white page, then you must have known the basic advantage of the same. No doubt this is the most common search, one can witness on the internet. It is the easiest way for searching telephone directory from your mobile phone or tablet or personal computer or laptop. This method is far better than calling to the directory assistance or 411. To search internet through online allows you to find business listings, people, addresses, phone numbers, ZIP codes, area codes and postal codes for free. This search engine of telephone directory allows you to search for different mobile numbers from the whole country. You can filter your search by first or last name or sometimes you can reverse search for finding their name by simply adding their number on the box displayed.white pages Often, white pages shows up websites which can reverse search with addresses and phone numbers look up tools, area code maps, and international calling codes. These refined searches will help you to find the most easily and reliable way for searching some business and personal contact information.

These white pages help people who are in the investigating field who are helping the cops to do their work. Private investigators use these websites as a part of their investigation to know about the person’s contact information for checking their background. To check the true background, a simple background checkup will takes place, which are like address searches, employment details, phone number and address check. The aim of this basic checking is to check whether the details of someone whom you claim to be. If a person has the employment details, there is a warranty check of deep details of that person.whitePagesImage1


  • With an internet connection, white pages searches are easily accessible and reliable with your computer.
  • If you need confirmation of more than one number then you don’t need to call the directory assistance and irritate them for more time in asking the number of phone numbers you have noted. So, you have an internet connection, and then you can search multiple phone numbers which you have noted.
  • Here the white pages telephone directory search listings are correct and accurate, the listings of the details are true and it is a good resource for finding people, if you have at least one of the search words like, phone number or name or address etc.
  • Most of the search tools in the internet for searching the telephone directory are set free and you can search for multiple times, there is no restriction on that as well.
  • With the powerful search tools, it has a massive library of different people’s contact details, there is no hesitation that we can truly find our old school friend, lost love, or lost family member. It is possible for you to search them with no cost, or irritating people to know the details of them. This is the very simple method.
  • No doubt, is one of the world’s best online search phone book directories.
  • There may be different other websites which offer you to find people, but white pages is the best method you should choose for different aspects.
  • There are different websites under this white pages company and they are:,, and
  • The company’s website is the most visited by the users with 7.2 million traffic monthly on their websites. This is one of the best networks on the base which has a good number of traffic.

Trouble in finding the people in these websites? Do the following.

To get a better chances of finding people and their contact info, do search for different other similar sites so that you can get the accurate data about the person.

Enter First Name:

Enter Last Name:

Enter City:

Enter State:

If you are not sure of something in above things then do leave it blank, don’t force the websites to produce your wrong details, because there may be different people within the same state or different state.

Once you complete in filling the details then click on submit.

Search for the best results by referring to various names.

There are many websites which are offering this thing of searching for your lost family member or you long lost friend. Listing is the few websites which offer you to search for the same.

Have an Awesome Movie Marathon With Kinox

Your family and friends are one of the most important people in your life. Many people do a lot to make sure that their relationship strengthens, planning hangouts and communicating with them as much as they can. It’s a huge thing to spend time with your loved ones, and it’s best to make sure that you hang out the right way with fun activities so as not to get bored! Not only that, but you aim is to be entertained and to further encourage more hangouts in the future. The best way to do that is to have an epic movie marathon for all of you to remember.kinoxto-illegal-user-muessen-mit-verfolgung-rechnen-teaser-55c318e553a3f

Movie Marathons

Having a movie marathon is one of the most entertaining things one can do alone or with loved ones. Who doesn’t love curling up by the couch with a bunch of food and watching their favorite television shows or movies on repeat? It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and most of all, it’s relaxing! It’s the perfect way to end the school or work week. Add a couple of good friends and company, and you’ve got yourselves fixed for the night.

Planning Movie Marathons

Planning a movie marathon is easy, as all it takes is a couple of good food, good videos, and good friends! Plan a themed movie marathon with all your favorite videos, and have all you favorite snacks lined up for a whole night of fun and laughter, horror, action, or however you want it!

The problem would be where will you plan on watching it? While DVDs and the television is a great way to have your movie marathon, it’s also difficult to find your favorite movies without having to wait for it to pop up, or worse, dealing with those dreaded commercial breaks during cliffhangers! You have more variety with DVDs, but sometimes they may not be enough and your friends may want to watch something you don’t have. Luckily, this problem can be solved through video streaming.

Online Video Streaming

Video streaming with the help of the Internet will have you watch all of what you want without limit. Plus, you are able to choose almost every movie or television series you want, no matter how new or old it is. No commercial breaks with the freedom to control the settings? That’s what everyone wants in a movie marathon! All you need to do is find a reputable website such as Kinox, choose what you want to watch, and start streaming it! So long as you have the Internet connection and device to use, you have the freedom and capacity to watch all of what you want without limit. Plus, it’s completely free of charge with no registration required!

In Conclusion

Want to stream quality videos? You can now do so with Kinox. They have an extensive collection of popular movies and television shows you know and love. Now, you can properly plan that movie marathon and spend quality time with your loved ones watching all your favorite videos!

Finding Expedia Coupons And Saving Money

Many of the people find difficult times when you search on internet for most of the travel deals, because there are a number of websites and third party applications which are there on the internet buzzing all round the world to save the money or giving discounts on the hotels, flight tickets, or so. Some people stick to one site but few of the budget lovers turn the Web Pages to see other deals so that they can find some of the best for cheap cost. Amazing deals can help the people to travel to their destination with very low cost, that’s always a sweet news right? Considering the best hotels, flight bookings and many other travel aspects, Expedia is one of the best companions for those different applications and websites which offer travel coupons.

When no peers are around, Expedia was the first one to start the bookings for the travel booking industry. It has a good reputation and finding the Expedia coupon, last minute deals etc are the top notch features of the company. The last minute deals can save your unexpected travel booking; now one can save for unexpected journey as well. That’s amazing right?


These days to find the best deals on the travel websites, there is a specific thing to know about, and no doubt Expedia is no different from them. Here’s how you need to check for Expedia coupons.

Finding Expedia Coupons:

If someone goes to the Expedia website, log in with your personal information or signing up, if you are a new user, then typing you travel destination and from then you can see a pop window of your price, but one cannot like that price because of no deals or no Expedia coupons added. Yes! That’s not the right or best price.


Expedia has many deals or coupons for your journey. But one needs to have patience and search for the best combination of their accommodation and the travel destination charges, which suits the best and which costs less. Obviously most of us think about getting low cost bills for getting a good thing. This is not a crime, everyone has that thought until and unless he has a bungalow every where he or she go. That’s an impossible task, because there will be only few people who will have their accommodation for free or travel for free.

Not everyone has that facility, so the new online booking industry has risen to help people to lessen the costs of the flight tickets, travel things for much less cost than it usually used to be. So, one can find the prime deals or Expedia coupons in their website with separate landing pages. Some of them are like, last minute deals, vocational packages, hotel deals, and obviously daily deals. One needs to find the best combination with which they can travel and accommodate themselves with a low cost tag to save their money, but patience is the key now.

All About Botox

We live in a world which is dominated by cut-throat competition. No matter which industry we belong to, we are a witness to the fact that we have to be the best in what we do so as to sustain ourselves. Amidst all the commotion that prevails among all the industries and domains, health care and beauty enhancement have still now been among the winners, because the need to be healthier and more beautiful will probably always be there. No, I am not trying to get into the debate about what beauty is and what it should be. Let’s just say, cosmetic beauty.

Botox is a very form of cosmetic procedure today, because come on! No one likes their facial skin wrinkled. For those who are not aware of it, it is an injection procedure which paralyses our facial muscles and thus makes sure that they don’t get wrinkled. Now, the thing about any cosmetic injection procedure is the fact that they are easy to administer and fast. Let’s say, they take around 10 minutes. But that doesn’t mean that precautions should not be taken or the entire thing should be taken casually, because the outcomes can be hugely devastating if anything goes even slightly wrong.


As a result, only a trained practitioner should be allowed to administer Botox to any patient. There are several things which are all part and parcel of a normal Botox training. A medical practitioner has to be versed in all those aspects. Incorrect dosage or application may result in causing health risks. The best results are always obtained when the dosage is absolutely correct and it is applied on the right place.

There are several untrained people who put up signs for Botox in front of their salons or offices, and going to be them may be cost effective for people but then it must be remembered, that investing in such people has the potential of putting oneself through a major health risk. It is not without reason that the FDA declared Botox to be a drug which has to be administered by properly trained personnel in a proper medical environment.


The treatment normally commences with the doctor studying the different lines which are formed on your face when you frown or smile. It is only after this consultation phase that the correct way of treatment is decided upon. They set questionnaires of their own and the patients are asked to fill out those. The answers from these help them figure out the type of skin you have to the kind of exposure your skin has to the sun. In fact, a full and comprehensive medical history is extracted. The area of your skin which is to be put under treatment is cleaned properly and an anaesthetic is applied so that you don’t feel the pain from the injection. All the other precautions are taken, and only then trained personnel applies the injection.

If you are interested in undergoing botox training Midlands has a lot of institutes which provide courses. There are even combination courses you may be interested in. The cost is not that high, but the result is absolutely rewarding.

Buddhist Guided Meditation

Meditation as all know is an art or processes of spending time in quite thought. It is a practice for transforming the mind. It is practice with which we can tame the mind, can release tension. ‘Bhavana’ which means ‘to develop’ or ‘to grow’ is a Pali word used for meditation. Meditation is an effective way of reducing stress as it reduces the release of chemical called catecholamine which is responsible for stress and tension. It makes our mind more focused and relaxed.

Buddhist meditations are the meditative practices which are associated with the religion and philosophy of Buddhism. According to Buddhism controlling the mind is the most important thing which human beings can do for themselves. The great Buddha taught many types of meditation techniques, each with the specific power to overcome a particular disease. But, the most important and common Buddhist guided meditations are Mindfulness of Breathing also called ‘anapana sati’ and Loving Kindness also known as ‘metta bhavana’.


Loving Kindness Meditation helps in bringing a positive change in our life. It focuses on unconditional love and kindness. We start becoming more accepting towards ourselves and also learn the art of forgiving oneself. It enhances the feeling of love towards others. It helps us to befriend persons we were indifferent towards. It mainly deals with issues related to anger, love and care.

Mindfulness meditation also called as insight meditation. The motive of Mindfulness meditation is to note the each and every details of our physical and mental experience from time to time. It mainly focuses on removing the very causes of suffering. In this focus is only on the present state. It purifies the mind and relieves the body of physical and mental pain.

Steps for meditation are.

  1. Pick the time that best suits you.
  2. Make sure you are not tired much.
  3. Have something comfortable to wear
  4. Find a quiet and clean place.
  5. Make sure you don’t have disturbances around you.
  6. Choose a comfortable position to sit in.
  7. Body needs to be relaxed.
  8. Set the minimum time for meditation.
  9. Most important, you need to understand the importance and need of meditation.

For Mindfulness Meditation-

  1. Focus on breathing- Concentrate on inhalation and exhalation, you need to feel the rise and fall of your abdomen. Count to ten to focus.
  2. Allow thoughts to enter and leave freely- Thoughts will definitely come into your mind if you are new to it. Do not panic. Allow them to leave your mind freely.
  3. Learn how to deal with distractions- you might feel pain, sleepiness and more due to sitting for too long. But, do not panic. You will become better with practice.
  4. You have to increase the length of meditation.


For Love Kindness Meditation-

  1. Train your mind to be kinder- It teaches kindness and compassion.
  2. Begin it after practicing Mindfulness of Breathing.
  3. Arouse the feeling of love and kindness- Use mantras, visualizations or reflections to inspire the emotions.
  4. You need to focus on your feelings.
  5. Last is to radiate the feeling of love.

To reap the benefits of Buddhist guided Meditation you have to prepare, find the suitable time and place and most importantly practice regularly. Get to the rhythm of life and practice meditation.